Hey! I’m Kristine.

I pour my whole heart into my work. Pain changed me, and I see things differently than most. I look back and cannot help but think about what I wouldn’t give to have what I can offer now. Loving on your babies, hanging out with you, and creating are my ways of giving you the moments worth remembering. Your memories matter!

The simple moments in life are often the most meaningful. If you’re looking for a laid back experience and the freedom to be yourselves, then you’re my people! Let’s work together and create memories that will tug at your heart!

Because of Jadyn Photography is located in Effingham, IL.

I am honored to create keepsakes of some of the most intimate details of your lives!

My husband John and I lost our beautiful daughter, Jadyn, in 2012. She was five years, nine months, and one day old. She was born with Multifocal Lymphangioendotheliomatosis with Thrombocytopenia (MLT): is a rare blood vessel disorder. She fought every day to live. You can read more about Jadyn here.

I didn’t think I would ever pick up a camera again after losing Jadyn, but I feel like it’s what I am supposed to do.

In 2013, I started taking photography workshops, and I quickly learned that I never had a clue what I was doing when I took Jadyn’s photos throughout her life. Looking back, it’s the natural moments and connections that mean the most to me. I wish I would have made myself get in the frame with her more. Perspective is everything. So to all the moms reading this, get in that frame as often as possible. Your family, your babies, love you just the way you are!

I prefer to document your REAL moments. Toddlers and young children are my absolute favorite. I keep sessions relaxed and focus on the connection between you and your family. I am honored to create keepsakes of some of the most intimate details of your lives and watch your little ones grow. The magic happens when you open up, let go of all expectations, and love on, cuddle, tickle, and play with your littles.

Let me give you an experience that no one else can, because there is only one me, and only one of you and yours. Even still, tomorrow, next month, and next year will be different from today. Let me show you all the moments you never knew you needed!

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