Hey! I’m Kristine.

Documenting family life through a camera lens is not anything I ever thought I’d be doing, but the story of why I am is inspired by my daughter Jadyn. I had all the “expected” photos taken at the local chain store studio. I worried more about what she wore and how the props complemented her clothing than having an authentic photo of her. I didn’t know better, but I see things very differently now.

I didn’t understand then that photos that captured her and how she impacted the world doing all the things that were “so Jadyn” would mean to me. You can read more about her here and how she continues to inspire my work.

I know now that photography became my calling because I’m doing what I wish someone had done for me, creating authentic, emotive, and timeless photos. It’s the emotion that endures, not poses created in a studio. 

I’m a small-town Central Illinois girl with a big love of the world and an even bigger love of photographing families where they live and love. 

Your family inspires you every day in different ways; from how they make you laugh, to how they show love. I think it’s so important to document these things, and I would love to meet you and your family and create meaningful photos that are more than you expected. 

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